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If you have gotten this far into our website,


You have uncovered the area dedicated to our most valuable assets: OUR people.

We are a diverse team of experts in sustainable, decorative performance textile products, for the hospitality and commercial industries.

United by a mission to IMPACT THE HAPPINESS OF OTHERS, our team of artists, designers, manufacturers, colorists, project managers, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, magicians, dream weavers, fashionistas, bookworms, athletes, wanna-be athletes, celebrators, travelers, extroverts, introverts, writers, collaborators, all share a focus on our core value INTERACT. We are connected like family.

We are connected like family.

We create fabulous products and provide fabulous services because we are a fabulous team!

  • Mikey Dobin

    Co-Chief Executive Officer

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  • Diana Dobin

    Co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Sustainability Officer

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  • Ward Young

    Vice President of Human Resources

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  • Dan Dobin

    Founder, Chairman

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  • Judy Dobin

    Founder, Chairmom

    Judy Dobin profile picture
  • Katy Daly

    Vice President, Hospitality Sales

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  • Kimberly Roeser

    Vice President of Industry Relations

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  • Alexandra Dobin

    Director of Sales

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  • Javier Contreras

    Account Manager

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  • Paria Fakhri

    Account Manager

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  • Gabi Titlebaum

    Account Manager

    Gabi Titlebaum profile picture
  • Angelique St. germain

    Account Manager

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  • Samantha Smith

    Account Manager

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  • Athena Slejko

    Account Manager

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