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Trending Blackout Fabrics

The latest trending styles of window treatments are all about printed and custom blackout fabrics. Just as Shakespeare once said, “Eyes are the window to your soul”; the windows of a room in turn reveal the soul of the design. Window coverings have been taken to a whole new level and everyone has raving about them.


In addition to being completely light and pinhole proof, Valley Forge blackouts are available to be totally customizable with a color or pattern printed on a selected base cloth, or the perfect color can be selected from a set of running line hues. There are so many options available, that really anything can be created to fit a designer’s dream.

Whether working with WeaveUp technology or with one of our expert textile designers, anything can be created in the perfect way; including geometrics, florals, abstract patterns, and even real-life photography can be possible! Regardless of the style or pattern chosen, anything is guaranteed to make a statement when you have total control of the outcome.

One of the best ways to style these fashionable blackout fabrics is mixing and matching with various upholstery and sheer draperies to complete the entire room. With so many choices, the possibilities for a highly designed space are endless. Trending patterns we are seeing lately include basket weave and chevrons which give off a classic feel while still working with other updated patterns. Try matching up a geometrically-styled chevron pattern with chunky chenille upholstery weaves and a floaty shimmering sheer to soften up the chevron angles. Or pairing a very structured weave on the sofa to reflect an abstract pattern in the window can be a great way to create an unexpected feel in a room. The beauty of Valley Forge’s blackout fabrics are not only the ability to customize nearly however you want, but the quality of the textile and blackout coating that come along with it. Order a sample from the Solid Collection or start designing your own on WeaveUp today!



New Collection: Jasmine

Experience the beauty and mystique of Arabian nights with the latest installment of the International Specifier upholstery collection, Jasmine. Showcasing chunky, broad yarns that weave a mix colors into magical tones, the four patterns within Jasmine create a statement whether being used in a palace or public space.



The soft and delicate boucle yarns used in the Fortune Teller, Sorcerer, Hypnotist, and Aladdin Texture patterns is reminiscent of the undulating Arabian sand dunes: soft and seemingly gentle to the touch but also strong and extremely durable, standing the test of time. Whether paired together or shown off alone, they create a  comfortable, inviting setting with a feeling of rich global style.

The robust textures found within the covers of Jasmine concoct images of great ancient stone wall fortresses and palaces with spiraling towers. With so many differently colored fibers being utilized in this collection, you will find a crisscross of contrasting colors mixed in with tonal neutrals that balance out the entire collection. Deep hues of navy, plum, and turquoise are accented with light colored yarns and are reminiscent of the dark night sky speckled with stars; while light blues and teals bring forth images of a searing blue desert sky and ever-distant mirages strewn across the landscape.



Jasmine is a sophisticated collection but still looks right at home whether dressed up or down. This medley of rich textural patterns can easily be mixed or matched with each other or a variety of other patterns and fabrics to produce the perfect eclectic or refined style you need for your palace.


The Solid Collections

During the 15th century Italian Renaissance, painters and their apprentices would start each day anew, mixing and matching their pigments to a previous day’s work. Precious minerals like lapis would have been used to produce a rich ultramarine, while red lac was utilized to create the lush crimson tone we know was used for a royal’s velvet robes. Pigments would be combined by each artist with just the right recipe of oils and thinners for a perfect consistency.

Adapting to this process that originated with the masters, and pairing their ancient methods with today’s digital technologies and modern capabilities, we have developed The Solid Collections. Spanning four volumes, these expertly curated collections show 156 colors that represent the best of the best in the hospitality industry, and are guaranteed to be on trend for years to come. Besides making it extremely easy to select colors, professional color matching can be done using the Electronic color matching tool, powered by WeaveUp. The color matching tool is a device that can be utilized to match additional product categories within each project space. Our machinery is calibrated to properly match, so that the color you pick is the color you get.

The beauty of The Solid Collections, since they are part of the Valley Forge Out Of Time series, is that large quantities are available to you within only one to two weeks! So much thought and confidence were put into the selection of these colors that it is ensured to be the quickest shipment so you can meet your project deadlines.

Now, instead of matching to a previous days’ or weeks’ worth of samples and color development progress, you can customize an entire matching room with one minute, one finger. 15th century artists never had it so easy!300_Post-Printed_Solid


New Collection: Devoir

Some of the best examples in the history of art, design, and architecture have exceptional balance in their compositions. This creates a sense of harmony within the design that gives a viewer insight into the meaning and emotions behind it. Balance is what keeps the viewer interested and engaged; their eyes moving across a pattern or design and taking it all in.

It is rare to see an entire room made up of only bright colors, or large patterns. Conversely, we also hardly ever see an entire scheme with just dull or dark pieces making an appearance. Creating a blend of dark and light, bold and discreet, can really change the way a room makes you feel.

This is where the brand new upholstery collection Devoir is a favorable friend. Filled with an abundance of neutral and naturally blended colors, Devoir easily compliments its surrounding features. Along with a plethora of basics, included are also a selection of colors that, although deep and rich, are displayed in tones that are classic enough to integrate easily with any other design or color way.devoir-post-image

Three patterns are presented in this collection that spans 36 colors. Pidgin is a classic burlap-like weave that flaunts an all-over striae effect in either contrasting or homogenous colors. Bevy shows off a more structured and basket-like weave and gives the feeling of an all-over ditzy checkered pattern. The last pattern, Convoy, is similar to Pidgin in that it is created with a simple weave having a slight two-toned feel with a mottled effect. Convoy also gives off a wool-like feeling with its slightly fuzzy hand which lends to an ‘old-world’ feeling.

In addition to their noteworthy visual characteristics, the entirety of the Devoir collection reaches or exceeds 100,000 double rubs for over the top, heavy duty usage. Once you see the fabrics within Devoir, they will quickly become a treasured staple inside your design library that you reach for over and over again.


Unexpected Trends: Tartan and Plaid

The first in a continuing series of posts, Unexpected Trends will showcase and explore the meaning, history, and implementation of different types of ‘trends’ that are currently circulating in the revolving door of today’s fashion and design world.

In this first installment, we are featuring classic Tartans and Plaids. These types of patterns have been around for centuries and have connections to Scotland and the British Isles. Mostly these boxy or crisscross patterns were dedicated to and known for the various families that were found in the particular regions of these areas.

Nowadays, plaid patterns bring to mind images of hunters, loggers, and other ‘outdoorsy’-type fashions and lifestyles. Depending on the look you’re going for, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. TartanBut we’re not here to talk about how plaids are ordinarily used, we’re here to talk about how unexpected it is that they are now being used as an influence for high-end interior design as well as top end and couture fashions.

Though plaids and tartans are mainly showcased in the Fall/Winter collections of most fashion and textile houses, they are actually a quite versatile and harmonizing pattern! Depending on the type of plaid, there are many different colors that can be used and incorporated into these patterns. Plaids can be configured to be dark and moody, barely even recognizing the differences in color between the intersecting stripes. Conversely, bright bold stripes of color slashed between a lighter or darker background create a unique style of plaid. Using lighter, less dusky colors and playing with the scale also helps to bring a more feminine and soft aspect to a typically masculine pattern.

Mixing and matching is a huge trend in interiors and fashion at the moment and plaids are a great way to incorporate more pattern into a design without being too overwhelming. Don’t feel pigeonholed into using one type of plaid either. There are so many styles; from the classic Tartan and Indian Madras to mini-checks and Tattersall; plaid is, and has been, here to stay.


New Release: Script

Penmanship is a skill where most of us fall on the spectrum of normal to average as far as dexterity and expertise is concerned. On one end, there are those of us who have the inherent gift of being able to write in beautiful flourishes and calligraphic-like letters. You envy their perfectly shaped letters that form words and sentences as they dance across a page like art.2Script_300

On the other hand, we have our friends who didn’t get so lucky in the handwriting department. We often joke and say they should be doctors, because who can ever read their script? These people may have been the kids who scribbled on the walls or had the most ‘interesting’ drawings as a child.

But who hasn’t scratched some random script or cryptic characters onto a notebook page during a lecture or anywhere else just out of boredom? Sometimes these stay just as they are – scribbles, but sometimes these shapes end up twisting and turning on the page to create a life of their own.

At first glance, the designs in the new collection Script might only look like fanciful script or scribbles across a page, but looking closer, you find the patterns to be filled with geometric shapes, romantic flowy lines, and abstract facades. Like autographs, love letters, and hand sketched portraits, Script portrays the meaningful and beautiful keepsakes and mementos that one gathers throughout a lifetime. The art of writing and calligraphy is an ancient one that was once held in high regard and very few were skilled in its ways. With this in mind, Script encompasses a historically abstract yet modern collection that feels right at home in a wide array of design styles.1Script_300

Initially available in graphic black and white colorways, Script can be customized to be in any scale or color to best suit its surroundings. Script’s patterns will maintain its bold style but softer looks can be achieved with tonal coloring and appropriate base cloth selection. Customize a pattern from the Script collection and write a new story with your design!


New Collection: Cordia

Chenille fabrics have long been sought-after for their extremely soft feel and iridescent coloring. Getting its name from the French word for caterpillar, chenille fabrics are comfortable, warm, and have a luxurious quality about them due their velvet-like nature. Cordia, a new upholstery textile collection, exemplifies all of these features and more.IS34_CORDIA

Like the flowering plant of the same name, Cordia contains a vivid spectrum of both energetically bright and natural colors. Cordia flowers even have fuzzy leaves similar to the chenille yarns in this collection. Each of the four patterns in Cordia blends and integrates together as easily as they are able to stand on their own, which gives designs a new sense of versatility.IS34-41

Similar to velvets, Cordia’s patterns reflect and refract light in the most delightful ways. A dark grey can appear silver one moment or black the next, depending on the angle you view it in. Some of the tone on tone colors even look solid from afar but sport a surprising textured pattern once you get closer to it. Cordia is perfect for adding depth and richness to a room.

This exquisite collection captures the functionality and durability of upholstery textiles which absolutely gives it a boost over conventional velvets. Cordia is a much more accessible type of textile that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Use Cordia to create a lush setting, filled with soft fabrics, high-style, and grandeur. Or, integrate Cordia patterns into a more laid-back atmosphere by building a comforting space around the soft chenille patterns, adding in chunky woven designs,  and other knitted textiles. Take a look through the Cordia collection and let the design possibilities blossom as you discover its expertly woven patterns and vibrant colors in the most durable chenille yarns.IS34-52



New Collection: Safi

Wow! 20 years ago Valley Forge first introduced the International Specifier series with one book, and we can’t believe we are now on the 33rd!

Inspired by Morocco’s pottery capital of the same name, Safi has two smooth yet textural patterns that are reminiscent of the various compositions of the ceramics they create there.

First we have Chesney, a heathered texture with a sophisticated mottling effect. The small glimmer evident in Chesney’s weave brings to mind the glint of lightly glazed earthenware with a freshly crackled appearance. Clement, the second pattern in the set is a
natural canvas textile that enhances any design scheme with its subtlety smooth, tight weaves evocative of fresh clay spun from the pottery wheel.HG-IS33-SAFI

Between the two patterns, Safi has over 40 glorious colors to choose from, including a variety of deep and sophisticated hues like merlot to aubergine and cobalt to sapphire. On the lighter end of the spectrum, choose from chartreuse greens, goldenrods, and ochres or greige taupes and ashy greys. The medley of bold, dark colors in this collection mixed with the light help bring the energy and spirit of Safi, Morocco to life; from its vast deserts to lush forests and coasts.

In addition to its beautiful and bold colors, Safi is extremely durable and reaches 100,000 double rubs with a knit backing, as well as passing the Cal 117 fire rating. Use Chesney and Clement for any upholstery spec like a beautiful sofa, luscious headboard, or even a colorful variety of throw pillows.


New Release: Ikat Origami

Imagine you’re in Santa Fe, New Mexico gazing out across the desert dunes. What do you see – a lot of sand or something else? What seems like a desolate and obscure place on the surface is really a complex and wild corner of our world. The combination of mountains and canyons; oases and sand dunes, and the hidden wildlife folds into itself like a paper crane that creates a hidden world bursting with color, pattern, and life.

Our latest printed collection was curated based on the imagery and feelings that are generated by the Southwest. Ikat Origami is an updated version of the typical Ikat style, combined with a
layer of intricacy not found in most Ikat patterns.

Reminiscent of desert rock formations like plateaus and canyons, the pattern of Ikat Origami undulates across a large repeat creating somewhat of a kaleidoscopic or mirrored effect. Because there are about 15 shades within the pattern, Ikat Origami appears to be a mirage of colors, each one melting into the next.Ikat_Origami-1_72dpi

This collection is perfectly at home in a rustic setting surrounded with mixed wood grains, chunky and textural upholsteries, and tribal patterns. Because of its sophisticated appearance, Ikat Origami is also well suited for any modern, contemporary settings that can use the extra pop of color and energy that this collection provides.

Be on the look-out for more bohemian and indigenously influenced patterns and styles as we move towards the end of the year. These designs are evolving into a more mature nature as they are being utilized more often in upscale boutique and chain hotels.