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Design is a Journey of Discovery

When designing, there often seems to be more involved than when you first start or plan out the project. Your original intention may be swayed due to a complication that you didn’t see coming. Any preconceived notions that existed about the end goal could be literally tossed away, all because you discovered something! Whether from a mistake, intuition, or just pure impulse, some of the best designs and products in history have been brought about because of these things. Design truly is a journey of discovery, and it’s a different journey every time.Design-is-a-Journey-of-Discovery2

One of the most memorable discoveries was when a 3M researcher was attempting to create a stronger adhesive, when in fact he ended up creating a weaker one that is perfect for temporary notes, which we now know as Post-it notes! The design certainly didn’t come out as planned, but through that discovery the end product – although it turned out different – still turned out to be a success!

An important thing to remember about your journey is to take its lessons to heart. The only way to discovery is if you do not repeat the same mistakes as earlier in your journey. Knowing what does and does not work, and when to start over, is a very important trait to have as a designer. Taking different paths on your journey is what will help shape not only your designs, but yourself as a designer.

If you find yourself at a fork in the path of creativity or even an enormous hurdle, have faith in knowing that discovery is all around you. Observe your surroundings and gain knowledge from a new culture. Share your ideas with a trusted source and get feedback that you can really immerse yourself in and use on your journey. Design-is-a-Journey-of-DiscoveryFinally, make sure to respect your journey and the path you are on in design. Not everything will be as easy as it should be, but knowing this will make sure you don’t miss the discoveries that right around every corner.