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Design Inspiration: Color Blocking

Making a statement is a major factor in our industry and there are many ways to go about it. Interior designers and manufacturers are constantly being inundated with information about trends, new products and new processes every day. Choosing the best option for your project or design is an entirely separate process in and of itself, but one style that is very easy to work with and has been around for some time now is Color Blocking.smaller_bigstock-Modern-Drawing-Room-4978740

If you were to define color blocking, a simple explanation would be using two or more solid colors, which can be from the same palette or not, in one design…that is pretty much it! The only other rule to remember, but not necessarily live by, is that color blocking does not employ the use of patterns very often, if at all. A pattern incorporated into a color blocked design would pull away from the overall effect of showing off the large expanses of expertly coordinated colors. If you need help establishing your color story or palette, take a look at our post with tips on creating one.smaller_Chanson-Chenille

While a lot of color blocked designs typically embody bright and often primary hues, that doesn’t mean it is the only way to integrate this style into your design. The key to color blocking is contrast. It is okay to have different shades of the same color next to each other, as long as they are distinct enough to not give the illusion of it being all one color or a gradient.

Wondering about ways you can use color blocking without it overwhelming your entire design? As mentioned before, don’t be afraid to mix up the colors you are using. They can be all bright primaries or soft and muted. Sometimes these colors even look great together, like a bright cheery yellow mixed with soothing tonal grays. Color_Blocking_blog-600x600You can also pick a specific place in the room to show off some color blocking. Make a sitting area with color blocked fabrics and furniture and pillows, a tabletop with colorful plates and utensils, or try arranging books and magazines based on the colors of their covers or spines. If color blocking still sounds a little too over the top, try painting just one wall in a room with a bright accent color and see how everything else in the area instantly pops! Color is literally everywhere and it is up to you to decide how to use it in the best way to make your statement.