Set Design Free™

The legendary Bruce Lee once said, “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

Have you ever felt that way before? If you have experimented with something that you felt was beyond your personal limitations, you probably have. As part of the learning process, we should let ourselves feel a little discomfort every now and then. The unknown can be a scary place but you have to keep going!

In order to Set Design Free™, you must first set yourself free from failure by letting your imagination run wild. Entertain the possibilities that you would normally stray away from and you will be amazed at the creativity that flows out of you! Assess your objective without restricting it to any past associations, allowing a full range of creativity to explode into a masterpiece of passion and zeal.

Setting Design Free can also happen in small ways such as being artsy with your cappuccino in the morning or finding a vintage chair to add character to a rather modern setting. This can make a world of difference to anyone trying to find something a little more inspiring than the day-to-day. Every day try to do something to Set Design Free™ – whether for yourself or someone else. Change the perception of what we see as the ‘norm’ and see what kind of response you get. Follow the words of Bruce Lee and go beyond your personal plateaus! There is a new horizon of design and freedom waiting for all of us once we Set Design Free™!