New Collection: Safi

Wow! 20 years ago Valley Forge first introduced the International Specifier series with one book, and we can’t believe we are now on the 33rd!

Inspired by Morocco’s pottery capital of the same name, Safi has two smooth yet textural patterns that are reminiscent of the various compositions of the ceramics they create there.

First we have Chesney, a heathered texture with a sophisticated mottling effect. The small glimmer evident in Chesney’s weave brings to mind the glint of lightly glazed earthenware with a freshly crackled appearance. Clement, the second pattern in the set is a
natural canvas textile that enhances any design scheme with its subtlety smooth, tight weaves evocative of fresh clay spun from the pottery wheel.HG-IS33-SAFI

Between the two patterns, Safi has over 40 glorious colors to choose from, including a variety of deep and sophisticated hues like merlot to aubergine and cobalt to sapphire. On the lighter end of the spectrum, choose from chartreuse greens, goldenrods, and ochres or greige taupes and ashy greys. The medley of bold, dark colors in this collection mixed with the light help bring the energy and spirit of Safi, Morocco to life; from its vast deserts to lush forests and coasts.

In addition to its beautiful and bold colors, Safi is extremely durable and reaches 100,000 double rubs with a knit backing, as well as passing the Cal 117 fire rating. Use Chesney and Clement for any upholstery spec like a beautiful sofa, luscious headboard, or even a colorful variety of throw pillows.