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Bath Products with Tencel+Plus™Lyocell Fiber from Eucalyptus

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Cleaner, Healthier & More Luxurious Towels

Improving bathing through cleaner, softer and more absorbent towels leads to a more luxurious experience. Towels made with Tencel+Plus™Lyocell Eucalyptus fiber are the natural way to increase relaxation while being cocooned in the softness of this special Eucalyptus fiber manufactured specifically and exclusively for hospitality. These fabulous towels are available in multiple sizes and various weights. All products are machine washable for easy care. Click here for more information.

Improved Health & Well-Being

Eucalyptus is most popular for its ability to clear congestion due to colds, coughs, flu, asthma sinusitis, as well as relieve muscle tension. While luxury spas and elite skin care manufacturers use eucalyptus in their skin care products, towels made with Tencel+Plus™Lyocell are the first bath products engineered to promote relaxation and well-being. Tencel+Plus™Lyocell actually absorbs moisture and releases it away from the body, creating superior bathing experience. This moisture reduction reduces bacteria without any additional chemicals or additives. Third party laboratory testing has shown dust mite survival is hindered with use of these products. This lends itself to fewer allergens and a cleaner and healthier bathing experience.


Tencel+Plus™Lyocell Eucalyptus fiber is now used for luxurious and durable Bath and Beach Towels. Longevity is a major tenant of sustainability and properties can leverage the long-life expectancy of this innovative fiber for performance that exceeds expectations. Tencel+Plus™Lyocell towels are super absorbent and extremely fast drying. This results in a substantial financial and energy savings for the property during use. Contact us for a projected savings based on your assets. Click here. Tencel+Plus™Lyocell Eucalyptus fiber is above and beyond organic as it is grown in forests, not farms. The Eucalyptus trees are harvested from FSC or PEFC protected forests and are known as rapidly renewable resources for their quick re-growth to full maturity in less than 10 years. Only one non-toxic solvent is used during fiber production and 99.6% of it is reused in a unique and proprietary closed loop award winning production process. Tencel+Plus™Lyocell is the only Eucalyptus fiber certified for both commercial performance and fiber verification. Finally, towels made from a natural fiber that both promote human health and well-being, while considering environmental sustainability and luxury.

Who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in Eucalyptus after bathing?