Fabric Collections

Fabric Collections

Fabric Collections

Wool | Upholstery Vol. I, a wool-blend upholstery collection, brings a peaceful and harmonious comfort to your designs and spans a wide array of colors which directly complement the soft and comfortable feeling of wool.

Reach new heights in your designs with the stunning upholstery textile collection, Apex. Showing off three individual patterns with near perfect symmetry and color combinations, Apex delivers the final point needed to complete the room equation.

Become enchanted by the rich colors and textures of Jasmine. Inspired by the legends of Arabian nights, the four patterns in this upholstery collection exceed all ACT standards and will stay captivating for years to come.

Introducing Sun Sheer Drapery. Perfect any outdoor room’s look with a wide range of charming yet subtle patterns that easily coordinate with any other color or design. Woven from a sturdy blend of Polyester and Acrylic, these patterns have a 1,500 hour rating for colorfastness to light, are bleach cleanable, and even anti-microbial!

If you’re feeling a little bit of déjà vu with our new collection Idem, you’re not alone. The beloved comfortable but durable style of Valley Forge’s greatest luscious chenille upholstery fabrics have been reborn in this brand new International Specifier collection.

Experience a perfect color match with The Solid Collection. Using the electronic color matching tool powered by WeaveUp, simply enter the LAB number from any color you desire into a pattern or solid design. The expertly curated colors found in each book of The Solid Collection serve only as a tipping point into the plethora of color options found on WeaveUp - with one minute, one finger.

Create a unique style experience by adding Daedal to your design with its range of color combinations, styles, and five different intricately woven patterns. This International Specifier collection exceeds all ACT Standards and is a resourceful way to incorporate more diverse textures in a room. Custom colors are available.

Devoir, a superior upholstery textile collection that stands the test of time with 40 eye pleasing colors from a sophisticated color palette, and 3 lovely pattern on classic textures. This collection is a true statement of style and supports a strong design in any guestroom arrangement. Devoir exceeds 100,000 Double Rubs, Cal 117 and all ACT Performance Guidelines for upholstery. Custom colors are available.

Valley Forge Fabrics introduces Linenize to our ever-growing drapery collection. With 39 luscious color options across 2 different patterns of faux linen ranging from soft white, tonal neutrals, and deep greys it is the perfect fit for any guest room or lobby space. This collection exceeds all ACT standards for drapery, including NFPA 701.

Immerse yourself in the bountiful textures of Adage. Featuring a faceted linen-like weave in jewel tones and anchored by three soft chenille patterns which add volume and dimension to all upholstery and decorative pillow uses. A durable and dimensional textural collection, Adage is the perfect touch for any design. Custom colors are available.

Made with special yarns to create a multi-color and cross-dyed effect, this collection takes textured wovens to the next level of design. Cherish is available in over 40 stocked color & customs can be developed for a certain minimums.

Immerse guestrooms and public spaces in effortless design with our new drapery collection Infuse. With two looks to choose from, this collection boasts both glitz and convention in just under 60 SKUs. Infuse breathes life into your design with its uncomplicated elegance and charm

Cordia, a new chenille collection, showcasing various textures. This exquisite collection captures the functionality and durability of upholstery textiles, yet adds depth and a sense of richness to any guestroom design. Cordia’s vivid spectrum of energetic and natural colors will give your design a new sense of versatility.

Safi boasts two delightful and extremely durable heathered canvas upholstery fabrics – Clement and Chesney. Safi subtly enhances any guestroom with its sophisticated yet classic textures with over 40 colors to choose from

Add a new facet to your guestroom or public space windows with Valley Forge’s newest sheer collection Breezy! This airy assortment of fabrics include the essential basics, delightful textures and alluring shimmery sheers.

Add a touch of elegant detailing to your design with Earth Shine VI, Valley Forge newest elaborate sheer and luxury drapery fabric collection with over 70 gorgeous wide width specialty window fabrics.

Brilliance, Valley Forge Fabrics’ best selling taffeta collection is now available in an additional 113 gorgeous updated colors. This drapery collection offers the opportunity to add depth and luxurious shimmer to any space.

Valley Forge Fabrics’ newest drapery collection, Barelo, was inspired by nature. The four designs come in 55 colors that are perfect for any guest room window. This collection provides impeccable choices for the finishing touch.

Valley Forge Fabrics is proud to announce Atoll, a solid architectural textured upholstery collection with 63 saturated color options. This assortment of fabrics offers the ability to showcase a high-end fashion forward palette through sophisticated textures.

Valley Forge Fabrics is proud to announce Atoll, a solid architectural textured upholstery collection with 63 saturated color options. This assortment of fabrics offers the ability to showcase a high-end fashion forward palette through sophisticated textures.

Valley Forge Fabrics is proud to announce Velvet Influence, a 2 volume collection including a luscious assortment of 22 gorgeous SKU’s in 8 different patterns.

Valley Forge Fabrics is proud to announce Velvet Influence, a 2 volume collection including a luscious assortment of 22 gorgeous SKU’s in 8 different patterns.

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY: Valley Forge Fabrics announces Out of Time Upholstery, an array of textures and colors that will finish any room with a splash of color. This quick ship collection offers multiple solutions for your immediate needs with a 3 to 5 week lead.

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY: Valley Forge Fabrics announces Out of Time Upholstery, an array of textures and colors that will finish any room with a splash of color. This quick ship collection offers multiple solutions for your immediate needs with a 3 to 5 week lead.

Featuring the classic textures of old standby’s such as Moment and Method as well as the exotic snakeskin and ostriches of Marais and Mantra, The Best of the Best collection encompasses Valley Forge’s most popular and newest composite fabric patterns for use in the hospitality industry!

Revl’s innovative engineering and superior stain-resistant technology allow for repeated cleanings and the easy removal of tough stains while maintaining the product’s original appearance and performance characteristics.

Glisten, Valley Forge Fabrics’ newest drapery collection, includes 65 fabulous colors to complement any guest room design. Specifically woven to elegantly drape any space’s windows all while swaying with the breeze, all fabrics in this collection exceeds all ACT Performance Guidelines and NFPA 701. Model room yardage is available. Custom colors are available for certain minimums.

Classic Crypton Couture Volume II is the perfect collection for a balanced design comprised of 35 breathtaking skus. The entire collection has the added benefit of Crypton Technology and is woven to exceed all ACT standards for upholstery without sacrificing the style of balance between traditional and innovative design.

Delamere, offers 69 fabrics that have been carefully selected for soft textural indulgence. Sophisticated colors provide great range for all guestroom needs.

Aurora, featuring four luxurious and durable chenille patterns spanning 2 volumes, Aurora is available in a vast palette of radiant colors. These durable heavy duty textures add sophistication and luxury to any guestroom style while exceeding all ACT Performance Guidelines for upholstery.

Nile, is an accumulation of vibrant stylish color ways and striking patterns perfect for indoor and outdoor upholstery use. Your options are endless with over 58 Sku’s to choose from to complete the perfect design.

Lavish Lines offers impactful stripe designs in saturated colors perfect for multi–use guestroom applications including upholstery, headboard, and decorative pillows. This ample collection has the perfect graphic or subtle complement to any design.

Lavish Designs, an eye-catching collection of decorative fabrics for multi-use guest room applications including upholstery, headboard, and decorative pillows. This bountiful assortment includes 16 different patterns in 82 opulent colors.

This sophisticated product is stocked in 31 different saturated colors. Viva is the ideal transitional texture for any design space, and serves as the perfect anchor textile for expansive guestroom yardage. All fabrics exceed NFPA 260 and ACT Performance Guidelines for Heavy Duty Upholstery.

Jackpot, our robust drapery and sheer collection is sure to guarantee a win! This incredible collection offers a massive variety of neutral colors in textures and patterns that will enhance any guestroom or public area design.

Our newest outdoor collection, Sundialit, features beautiful and long lasting fabrics with ultra-high UV protection, a supple hand, and a rainbow of colors to choose from.

Spoil yourself with Valley Forge Fabrics’ newest chenille upholstery collection. This extremely durable pattern comes in 43 luscious colors which will help you create the room of your dreams.

Dress your windows in whimsy with the Vibrant drapery collection’s four texturally enchanting patterns in a variety of chic colors.

Glimmering and Delicious! Glimmericious is a luxurious woven satin fabric for dramatic guestroom and public space drapery applications. The weight of this satin is reminiscent of couture fashion seen on the runways of Milan and NYC. This fabulous satin is also well-suited for bed skirts. This incredibly supple satin has a delicately luminous quality and is stocked in 74 spectacular colors. This fabric exceeds all ACT Performance Guidelines for drapery, as well as NFPA 701. With certain minimums, unique custom colors are available.

Valley Forge’s newest and long-awaited velvet collection Intensity & Luminosity; luscious solids that will transform any area into a classic yet distinct space.

The Damascene collection introduces a new opulent drapery selection of organic, large scale designs offering enticing unstructured patterns with undulating color and textures.

Valley Forge is proud to present our newest American Specifier collection: Paragon! This exciting new upholstery fabric collection uses undulating color to create impact and design depth. These amazing fabrics are simple to work with and make a luxurious statement in all guestrooms. All Paragon fabrics are woven in the USA, and some items in this collection are made with sustainable and eco-friendly yarns made from recycled content and Tencel+Plus™ Lyocell Eucalyptus fiber. The Paragon collection is available for quick delivery and custom colors are available for certain minimums. Fabrics in this collection exceed all ACT Performance Guidelines for heavy duty upholstery.

Introducing Saturation, a durable upholstery fabric collection of more than 80 fabrics spanning several unique signature designs. These fabrics have incredible deep color shimmer with luxury and quality, but are available at the expected Valley Forge competitive price leadership. These fabrics exceed all ACT performance guidelines and are in stock and available for fast delivery in the USA. Custom colors are available with certain minimums.

With over 55 composite fabrics to choose from, the Metallics collection offers the hospitality market a new option for glamour and luxury in an array of radiant colors while boasting heavy duty performance.

Riviera Natural, a gorgeous yet subtle assortment of fabulous new drapery basics in 4 patterns come with a variety of textures and 49 different soft colors.

Chronology offers an array of luscious solid textures and colorful contemporary stripe designs with a classic heathered look. Made to resemble real wool, the Chronology collection is a performance multi-use construction perfect for both washable top of the bed needs and heavy duty upholstery areas.

Three collections of wonderful solids, stone-washed denim textures and chunky lines make up this fabulous and unique blackout collection. With over 94 SKU’s of traditional classic neutral colors as well as bold bright and exciting “wow” colors, a new era of blackouts has arrived!

Our world class drapery collection has grown with the debut of Portobello Road. This unique compilation of classic textured drapery comes in 50 wonderful colors ranging from steadfast neutrals to bold statement hues.

The Velvet Charade Collection includes saturated, luscious durable chenille fabrics that have been developed to look like velvets by reflecting light and showing hues differently when viewed from various angles and light.

Once upon a time heavy duty nylon gropointe textures were all the rage. As designers craved choices, Valley Forge developed a range of 50 spectacular colors all in one amazing collection.

A collection of perfect textural solids for harmonious design – comprised of two classical textures in 46 spectacular colors. All of them have the added benefit of Crypton technology offering a patented permanent stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant protection, a powerful solution that will maintain a fabrics’ beauty forever.

These two incredible faux leathers are available in a wide range of colors for heavy duty upholstery use – and custom colors and grains are available with certain minimums.

This classic texture has outlasted trends and proven to be a design stable for spectacular drapery applications. With 40 amazing colors in delicious neutrals and vibrant jewel tones, Ribtex enriches the guestroom environment with subtle beauty and classic charm.

The Inspirations collection includes almost 200 fabrics that will enhance hotel room windows and dramatize public space curtains.  Also suitable for bed skirts and decorative throw pillows.

The unique combination of various yarn sizes, yarn types, high luster and non-reflective fiber twists give these fabrics their high-end look and luxurious hand.

Effortless Raffia Collection brings together 18 SKUs of 54” Flame Resistant grass cloth for dramatic vertical surfaces like headboards, wall coverings or outside seat backs. Meets or exceeds NFPA 260, ASTM-E84 Class A, Cal. 117.

The new AMERICAN SPECIFIER TEXTURES collection is a group of seven books representing over 300 SKUs of the most useful upholstery fabrics available today.

The new Serengeti composite fabric Collection was inspired by the same life-teeming ecosystem bearing its name in Africa.

This luxurious plant based faux leather collection is the first introduction of 54” Flame Resistant vinyl upholstery that is produced with a majority of Natural Plant Based compounds made directly from renewable resources. The full grain luxurious textures of all of these styles feel, look and upholster like the finest top grain European leathers.

Earth Shine 4 & 5 collections are our most dramatic collections yet of large scale patterns, textured sheers, silky draperies and detailed embroidery.

Brilliance is a silk-like fabric woven with a very high denier yarn. The iridescent quality and fine silk hand are achieved by using only cold washed yarn dyed polyester. 54” – 56” wide and is inherently flame resistant.

The modern look of luxury guestroom interiors was the inspiration for the new SWEET DREAMS Decorative Sheer Collection.

Earthshine 3 collection of textured sheers, silky draperies and detailed embroidery has been inspired by the simplicity and colors of a perfect dawn over a lush green summer field.

Valley Forge Fabrics’ latest drapery innovation, Dazzling Dim Outs, is a 54” Flame Resistant Drapery Collection full of subtle textures and classic stripes.

Valley Forge Fabrics’ Stoplite Blackouts, our 54” Flame Resistant Decorative Coated Blackout Collection, creates a soothing sleep environment for your hotel guests.

These smooth surface, tightly twisted chenille fabrics are presented in 72 magnificent colors. The high quality chenille yarn used in these constructions offer a luxurious feeling that exceeds 50,000 double rubs.

Over 130 chenilles, solids, textures and stripes make up this upholstery collection, all featuring Crypton protection.

Glimmer is a luscious satin fabric woven for elegance and glamour. This fabric is a high quality satin weave which is soft, supple and drapes beautifully.

Just as the Earth is touched by the glimmering Milky Way Galaxy, the Valley Forge Galaxy collection reflects the color and majesty of a meteor shower over the North Pole.

This 100% FR Polyester drapery collection is inherently flame resistant and contains 300 solids, heathers, woven stripes, satins and silky textures.

A wonderful and versatile collection of draperies made of textural solids that will accentuate any guestroom window and provide subtle drama to hotel lobbies.

Edge is a mesmerizing collection of faux leathers that sparkle! We have filled this line with metallics, patents and original textures in a wide range of fashion colors.

The BOUTIQUE, FASHION AND STYLE collections consist of a multitude of great designs, exotic skins and leather looks which have been inspired by the leading couture design houses in Europe.

Valley Forge’s best selling faux leathers, Coach and Bentley, have been re-introduced as the Limo Leather2 collection.

This collection spans 5 volumes and 413 items and now includes Tencel+Plus™Lyocell Fiber from Eucalyptus.

Flame resistant high impact upholstery in 32 fabulous colors. Real Wool Plush is a classic designer favorite that provides luxury and durability.

According to Thomas, ''The FRESH® line is a collection of combining texture and color with lifestyle. Nature, when combined with these elements is what I used to create the new look and feel of FRESH® by Thomas Schoos.''

In this FRESH® collection, patterns are available in 100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester or 100% Post Industrial Recycled Polyester, as well as mixtures of both.

The Woven Jacquard Crypton Collection is the largest and most comprehensive grouping of woven performance fabrics available worldwide.

The new International Texture Collection is made up of 3 different patterns in over 30 colors.

Plush, soft and luxurious; these fabrics reflect the specialized and sophisticated Valley Forge design aesthetic enhanced by Crypton.

Enhanced by Crypton. Offers true saturated colors coupled with the well known Sudertex standard of quality.

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