Color Inspiration: Maize

When you think of the color yellow, what comes to mind? Depending on your experiences with the hue, it could bring forth feelings of optimism and warmth, or scream out “Caution!” Shades of yellow are found in so many places throughout nature and all over the world from flowers to sunsets and fast food chains to gas stations, it can be hard to miss.

It might look like we are referring to the third color of the spectrum yellow, but it’s not just any yellow. This month our color is a gorgeous and unique shade of yellow called Maize!

Maize is more sophisticated and refined than its typical yellow counterpart and is on the verge of becoming golden. It has a long history steeped in culture which begins in Latin America, where life has always been sustained by Maize, or corn.

Maize is an ancient color that brings forth symbolism of strong roots and a well-founded future.


We were instantly drawn to this attractive color because of how accepted it is across the globe. Besides corn, Maize is inspired by structures and antiquities that have stood the test of time, cuisines and unique spices from far off places, and even the many different creatures that inhabit these far off places. The earth itself shows off a beautiful range of Maize colors in its rivers and deltas that are filled with sediment and sand that has traveled many miles.

So, we know that Maize is derived from many distinct places and objects, but how do you go about using it? In its original shade, Maize coordinates with a wide range of hues in the Blue family, from navy to turquoise. Bounce off of these bold colors with light and dark neutrals like off-white and woodsy brown and you have yourself a serene and sophisticated pallet. Other ways to incorporate Maize into your designs is to soften it down just a bit and use it as an accent color throughout the room. The easy pops of color sprinkled about will energize with its positive characteristics.

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